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    This self-inflicted marginality and self-estrangement was a way and, in some cases, a strategy, to transcend cultural and political conformity and the values embedded in such conformity. The association between critical art and madness is not accidental. In this case, psychiatry was used as a means of social and political control and sham psychiatric diagnoses were imposed on perfectly sane people.

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    On the one hand, these participatory artistic memory projects examine the ways in which ordinary people and contemporary artists share their memories of the communist past outside of the officially sanctioned interpretations, aiming to foster their own version of " monument " that does not necessarily follow the ossifying politics of monuments.

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    hand, a participatory memory culture does not always necessarily reflect the unequal cultural capital of the participating social actors and the dissimilar political commitments. This mnemonic practice ought not to be exclusively associated with the struggle between the narratives of the elites and the cultural expressions of those marginalized.

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    Participatory memory practices might also facilitate cordial encounters among persons with dissimilar political commitments and unequal cultural capital. This paper This paper explores various instances of Ceauşescu's memorialization as reflected in contemporary art and living memorials inked on the skin nostalgia tattoos.

    These vernacular memorials and commemorations of the former communist leader occasion a peculiar culture of remembrance where " nostalgia " for Ceauşescu exceeds its boundaries of meaning Dating Woman Praga.

    becomes a term which can be mobilized against present wrongdoings and capitalist injustices.

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    From an Dating Woman Praga. narrative standpoint, this paper attempts to argue that to construct a harmonious but counterfeit picture of the past in which Nicolae Ceauşescu and his era are exclusively demonized is not desirable or acceptable because the individuals and the communities who remember that past are not homogeneous and their memories and longings for the past are not similar.

    Thus, nostalgia ought not to be understood exclusively as an abnormal unauthentic, unhealthy memory of the past but rather as a peculiar form of memory illuminating a healthy Dating Chartres Woman. of the present in the light of the past.

    Although these hand-crafted items are no longer Dating Woman Praga. of today's 'compul-sory' household, they are still regarded as nostalgic, familiar or emotional forms of materiality and tangibility which perform a cultural politics of identity. These vernacular textiles predate the digital age and the free market and yet co-evolve and interact with digital networks and technologies.

    This paper brings into focus 'amateur' and regional forms of home grown cultural expression and the ways in which these forms of folk creativity and Dating Woman Praga.

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    are recast in contemporary urban popular culture and arts. Thus, the main aim of this study is to explore the contemporary re-enactments of these vernacular samplers.

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