Traducere "that lives" în română

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The project is implemented by YEU Cyprus and it aims to involve international volunteers in public activities and events in order to rekindle the interest of young Cypriots in the rich cultural heritage of the island. When in doubt, travel! What should one focus Cautand femeia Camerooniana At the end of the day we all are the product of our own experiences and choosing to highlight only a few glimpses does not seem fair towards the whole experience. In the next paragraphs I will try to offer an insight into my Cautand femeia Camerooniana months of volunteering in Cyprus, my motives, and the overall experience.

As soon as I graduated from university I knew more or less the path I wanted to follow. I had a plan, although, not perfectly structured, but at least I was well informed and aware of what I wanted to pursue in order to grow professionally and enhance my skills.

However, what I was not aware of at the time of my graduation, was that all this will take place in Cyprus. I always knew that one day I would like to undergo this experience, but that day was always postponed due to other experiences and plans. Going back tothe year of my graduation, the ESC experience was still somewhere at the Cautand femeia Camerooniana of my head.

Traducere "that lives" în română

The days when I would search for prospective experiences and I would often find myself wandering on the ESC platform reading through the available opportunities Cautand femeia Camerooniana often; a few times I was even in touch with some organisations, but, there was always a but holding me from taking clear action. To a personal level, I thought that I knew the direction I am heading, and the current plans did not include living abroad for a year.

When in doubt travel, were the words that I always kept on the back of my mind, and the advice I was sharing with my friends. Their project, Mission Tradition, spoke to me on a personal level.

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The next steps came naturally and in three short weeks I was moving to Cyprus. Four months later I can say that I made the right decision. Professionally, I know that this project is enabling me to achieve my goals, while I enjoy a new culture surrounded by a group of beautiful people that I can now call my friends.

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In only Cautand femeia Camerooniana months we had so many beautiful experiences together which in turn consolidated our bond. The connection between a group of people motivated by the same longings and with the same outlook can be truly amazing and inspiring. Together, there is seven of us we are exploring the culture and traditions of Cyprus, promote them, create events and workshops, and have a great amount of laughs together.

To go a bit further with the details about my whole Cautand femeia Camerooniana experience, I sincerely can say that it is nothing as my expectations predicted. It is not better or worse, it is just different from what I was used to, and that is the beauty of it, that it takes you out of your comfort zone and shapes your outlook.

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While I was able to bring my own skills and knowledge here, the island also offered me many valuable experiences. Although small in size, there is always something going on here, something that one can experience and enrich their knowledge.

And I am proud that our project contributes to this, that through our passion and work we Cautand femeia Camerooniana able to give something back to the society we are living in. As for the country itself one can be sure that their days here Cautand femeia Camerooniana not be threatened by Cautand femeia Camerooniana clouds.

The weather in Cyprus is sunny almost all year around, the food is delicious, and people very friendly. To some extend I can say that my experience it is an extended holiday.

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Not a single day I doubted my decision of engaging in this project and this is how I know I made the right one. It Cautand femeia Camerooniana indeed rather difficult to sum up a whole experience in a few paragraphs, while making sure that those lines capture the essence of it.

But what I have learned so far is that most of time the quintessence of them are brought forward by the people you surround yourself with. And this can only be achieved by pursuing your own passion, creativity, and interests. Will Jones from U. We missed the Cautand femeia Camerooniana bus from the airport as we were waiting for our luggage, and had to wait for the next one.

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The night before had been long, with little to no sleep, and as we drove through the Romanian countryside it Cautand femeia Camerooniana time to catch up.

When I woke up it was pitch black outside, and the volunteer I had met by coincidence at the airport glided out of the open door and her mentor, Ady, told me this was not my stop — or something along those lines. After this, I was moved into another van, smaller, filled to the brim with people. We carried on for another thirty or so minutes and I was in Marasesti where I met Bogdan, who had been waiting a number of hours.

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He drove me through the barely lit streets — as only a handful of the street lights worked — and along the bouncing cobbles until we reached the apartment building. With him he had two pizzas in hand and he placed them on the table of my new brightly lit and comfortable apartment, home.

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I set my stuff down, feeling my eyes still folded over themselves, made a pathetic attempt at small talk with the other volunteer, Salome, before crashing onto the bed and passing out for the night.

So, that was the first day, but why come in the first place? I had moved back home from a brief job in Edinburgh and was now looking for something to do with my life — tall order for a Monday morning.

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In the past I had been a teacher, and the idea of helping others was something that tickled my fancy, so I was looking for jobs in the charity sector, however, the only interview I got was for being a shop assistant.

Not the worst job of course, but, not what I was really looking for.

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I lacked experience in a social aspect. If you needed me to play Cautand femeia Camerooniana games with a class of kids, no worries, piece of cake, however, knowing actual social polices and procedures, that was another story.

Therefore I needed a qualification and experience. I had met people in the past who had done EVS, or whatever it is called nowand they could not recommend it more, and as I was on my way out of the age range, I thought there is literally no better time than now. I searched and found Asociatia Voluntariat Pentru Viata.

I read that they were, are, working in the community, bringing people together, helping out and breaking down social prejudices. Sounds good. It was just the thing I was Cautand femeia Camerooniana for; the experience that I needed.

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I applied, and soon after, was offered an interview. I spoke to Ana and Cristina, and in all honesty, I had a few other interviews that week, but the minute that I had finished with Ana and Cristina I was sure that that was the one.

The energy of them both and the vibes that I got were nothing but positive and vibrant, they both seemed so passionate about what they were doing and the potential of it all.

So, that was how it was decided. It was a little different than I expected. However, I believe it was for the best Cautand femeia Camerooniana it allowed me to transition from being a teacher Cautand femeia Camerooniana formal education into a more informal educational environment. The whole dynamic had changed, and it was time to learn, adapt and develop. And, even though we do not see eye to eye all of the time, I mean the volunteers, not the fact that the children are half my sizeit has been an uplifting experience as we learn from one another, get to hear new ideas, ones that you would never have thought about, and, in a way, it has allowed me to get out of my comfortable hole that I had dug for myself as a teacher, more or less, it is still pretty comfortable down there.

And, although some stereotypes are true, and some have been reinforced, it has been an eye opening experience, and one that has given me the opportunity to look inside, self-reflect and finally figure out what is actually important to me, and given me the confidence to organise myself for when the project ends.

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Oh, and the kids are great too. Din pacate bulling-ul este un fenomen extrem de periculos care promoveaza un comportament violent in randul tinerilor si copiilor si este in continua crestere in scolile romanesti. Voi incerca pentru inceput sa va ofer cateva detalii despre acest fenomen si apoi sa va detaliez cateva activitati si metode de prevenire puse in practica de voluntarii in cadrul scolilor. Nedescoperit la timp acest fenomen poate sa ne traumatizeze copii si in acelasi timp ii poate afecta adaptabilitatea copilului in societate.

Alaturi William din Mare Britanie,Salome din Georgia,Maelis din Franta ,Elena din Armeniavoluntari ce au dorit sa se implice pentru a lucre cu copii din scolile din Marasesti ,dar si cu liceul din orasul invecinat Panciu pentru a Cautand femeia Camerooniana fenomenul de bullyng, au reusit sa apropie copii intre ei indiferent de situatia sociala sau economica,etnie.

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Am avut ocazia sa lucrez si sa invat de la acesti minunati voluntari ca apropierea dintre copii si am simţul umorului numai se poate face prin actiuni marunte care ne pot schimba, pot schimba viitorul nostru si al copiilor nostrii in bine. Experienta de la Bruxelles a fost una pe masura asteptarilor ,adica la superlativ.

Dupa cum stiti Bruxelles este considerat ca fiind capitala Cautand femeia Camerooniana facto a Uniunii Cautand femeia Camerooniana datorită numărului important de instituții ale Uniunii ce își desfășoară activitatea aici, sediile Comisiei Europene în clădirea Berlaymont și a Consiliului Uniunii Europene. TANDEM Dacă acum trei ani, atunci când am început această călătorie, treaba cu mentoratul era o provocare destul de mare, iată că azi, când scriu aceste rânduri, a rămas la fel.

Sunt Adrian și sunt mentor 3. Chiar daca îmi place, provocările cu care vine această îndeletnicire nu sunt cele din cele mai ușoare. În 3 ani de zile am învățat să formez echipe, să aduc oamenii la aceeași masă, să transform problemele în provocări și, alături de echipa cu care lucrez, să facem din stagiile noastre momente de neuitat atât pentru noi, cât și pentru Cautand femeia Camerooniana noștri.

Avem emoții de fiecare dată când dăm startul proiectelor noastre. Oameni noi, culturi noi, obiceiuri noi, nevoi noi. Totul e nou în fiecare an. Noi nu știm ce înseamnă să te rutinezi! Timp de șapte luni vom Cautand femeia Camerooniana tot soiul de activități, într-un mod nonformal, pentru a combate acest fenomen și pentru a îi face pe toți cei implicați să fie mai toleranți și mai deschiși fată de problemele lor, indiferent de statutul pe care il au.


Sunt sigur că, alături de camarazii mei Cautand femeia Camerooniana permanenți și cei care se schimbă an de an, vom reuși, nu să revoluţionăm lucrurile, ci să unim oameni de bine şi să reaşezam normalul acolo unde îi este locul, în viața noastră, a tuturor! Kardelen from Turkey A fi voluntar inseamnă a aduce împlinire și nu se compară cu serviciul sau cu responsabilitățile de zi cu zi.

Voluntariatul se face cu sufletul, lăsând interesele personale deoparte pentru a te pune în slujba binelui și pentru a-l aduce celor ce au nevoie de el. Cu mâna pe inimă vă spun că acesta e unul din cele mai frumoase lucruri pe care îl puteți face în aceasta lume materialistă. Am 24 de ani, abia ce am terminat studiile universitare și până acum, în mare parte, m-am interesat doar de carieră, activând doar de câteva ori în câteva ONG-uri din țara mea.

Dacă am făcut bine sau nu îngrijindu-mă doar de partea profesională, nu stiu. Scopul proiectului find prevenirea fenomenului de Bullying, iar pentru mine aceasta e una din cele mai grave probleme cu care se confruntă copiii și tinerii. Așdar am aplicat imediat și după câteva procese de selecție, Cristina m-a sunat Cautand femeia Camerooniana Skype pentru primul interviu, trebuie să menționez că a fost cel mai tare interviu la care am participat până acum, şi uite așa a început călătoria mea spre România.

Știam că românii sunt oameni calzi, dar nu îmi închipuiam că pot fi atât de primitori și Cautand femeia Camerooniana darnici. Într-un timp foarte scurt, organizația gazdă, Asociația Voluntariat pentru Viață, mi-a devenit cea de a doua familie.

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Profesorii și Cautand femeia Camerooniana scolilor și liceelor sunt foarte drăguți cu noi, ba mai mult, unul din directori ne este ca o mamă, ne hrănește mereu când ajungem în școală şi ne dă mere când plecăm de la activități. Toți și-au dat interesul pentru a ne face să ne simțim bine și să fim fericiți. Pe final, chiar dacă am mai spus-o și mai sus, aș vrea să repet că sunt foarte recunoscătoare față de toți acești oameni care au făcut atât de multe pentru noi!

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I graduated faculty of Law in University of Georgia, I was quite a lucky I started the job in Public defender of Georgia where I had very interesting but stressful work, we were working for childrens and womens right. After 2 years I quite the job and found myself in Czech Republic in Prague.